15 Dec 2010

Chapter one

This is Sophie and Guillem

Finally we decided to get into this world. We are a bit afraid but we are sure you'll help us to face it :)

In fact, Guillem is the responsible of the creation of the blog. He wanted to create it to have an excuse to take photos of me more often. After a long fight, he won. So here we are, writing the first chapter of our blog!

The idea is to share pictures he takes of me, so all the pictures will be taken by him.

That's all for now, we hope you follow us and enjoy the blog!

S and G


  1. Mucho ánimo en esta nueva aventura! yo tambien he empezado hace muy poco, mucha suerte! os sigo y me pasaré a ver vuestros post :)

  2. you had me at hello! ;) love the photos and feel of your new blog!


  3. ahh your are so lucky!:) I wish I had someone nearby who really really wants to take pictures of me!

  4. Gorgeous photo - am looking forward to following!

    Thanks for your comment :)


  5. awh cute! and lovely photo

    please follow

    Much love M xxx

    Bathbombs and Sequins